All details of your treatment at The Hewitt Fertility Centre are completely confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party without your permission.

Your GP

Before undergoing treatment at The Hewitt Fertility Centre, it is advisable to keep your GP fully informed. This also allows you, as a patient, to discuss what record you want keeping as part of your medical notes.

We believe that communicating with GPs is paramount to a patient’s wellbeing, as GPs often have a role to play in the treatment plan; such as administering injections. However, we do, of course, respect the right of patients to have a say in what is told to their medical practitioner and to their gynaecologist.

Duty of The HFEA

The Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA) is a government body that regulates fertility treatment in the UK. The HFEA are responsible for licencing and monitor centres to ensure that the highest of standards are maintained in accordance with the law. As such, we have a duty to inform the HFEA of all the treatment cycles that we provide and the outcomes of those treatments.

The HFEA also manage a register for donor conceived children. 'The Register' allows people who have been conceived as a result of donor sperm, eggs or embryos to learn about their genetic background, helping to avoid marriage and children between biological relatives. People who are aged 18 or over and know or suspect that they were donor conceived can apply to the HFEA for information regarding their genetic background.

This practice came into effect on 1st of August 1991.

The Hewitt Fertility Centre operates in strict compliance with the HFEA code of practice, with regular inspections ensuring that we provide a high quality service for our patients.

For further information see the HFEA website