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Please find more information about our online patient portal, launching in September 2023. 

Portal FAQs

What is the Hewitt Centre Patient Portal? 

The portal will provide a platform for patients to gain access to their IVF journey information and support them to  communicate easily and securely with us, to enhance the overall patient experience and involve people more in their care. 

What can I do on the Patient Portal? 

Phase 1 of our Patient Portal will be more limited whilst we test and shape its use with our users. We are excited to launch the functionalities in September 2023 allowing patients to access their details, appointments, treatment calendars and receive medication reminders. You can also receive invoice reminders and messages from us.

Functions for the future will see the ability to message securely between yourself and the clinic staff, pay invoices via the portal, and view test results.

Why is the portal available to new patients only? 

Our new patient portal is rolling out in a phased approach so that we can make sure the functions and benefits feel right for everybody. We will pilot the introduction with a small cohort of patients who are at the beginning of the Hewitt Centre journey, targeting those who have a first appointment in September 2023 to allow us to gain feedback and insight. If required, we can adapt the portal while it is still in development. We aim to roll out access to the portal to all patients in early 2024. 

I am a new patient attending in September 2023 and would like to sign up to use the portal; how do I register?

We welcome sign up of any patients due to begin their care journey with us in September 2023.  By being part of this exciting project, you will benefit from the functions we have ready to use and help us enhance and shape the portal going forward. 

We may have written to you already to take part with instructions. Alternatively you can contact us at and we will send an email containing a QR code/link to the login page (check your junk and spam folders). 

How do I use the portal?  

The portal is very intuitive and user-friendly. Using digital platforms like patient portals in a healthcare environment is considered very much 'the norm ' these days, and our portal has been co-designed and developed with the end user in mind, so patients will find this a valuable and easy-to-use tool.  Once you have received your login details, you will see a series of screens and clear headings for you to view and navigate around.  When the Hewitt Centre team sends you messages, you will be alerted.  

Is my information safe and secure? 

The patient portal system meets our Trust web security requirements and policies whilst allowing you to visit your personalised health information securely.  The portal is individually password protected, and all messages are encrypted (put into a code) to ensure security. Only people with permission to access your care records and our staff at the Hewitt Centre can view your information. 

What if I forget my password and login details? 

If you forget your password, click ‘forgot password?’ on the login page and then type in your email address to be sent a reset link. 

What do I do if I experience portal problems? 

If you are experiencing any technical issues accessing the patient portal, in the first instance, please clear your cache and history or try accessing using a different browser.  If the problems continue or you need additional help and support, please get in touch with us at

Who can help me if I have more questions?

We are inviting new patients to participate in our first wave of the portal pilot and are notifying people who are due to attend their first appointment at our Liverpool clinic in September 2023.  

When you attend your appointment, our digital development team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and discuss the patient portal and the benefits it can bring.