On the 4th May 2019, we got the forms to say we had been accepted for 2 rounds of NHS funded IVF. This was after 10 years of me worrying about my fertility after having issues with a previous partner and 2 and a half years of worry with my husband. This was the month of our wedding and it was a very busy and exciting time. After some hospital appointments I then had to wait for my period to start so I could contact Liverpool Women's Hospital to start the medication. So of course my period arrived on my wedding day. I wept in the toilets in my wedding dress as it was upsetting and exciting. I did the injections and even got accepted for a medical trial for a guided transfer.

On the 15th July the transfer took place and the anxious 2 week wait began. It felt like forever. As I turned over the test I burst into tears I was finally getting my long awaited baby. Luckily my pregnancy went well and during the Covid 19 lockdown, I gave birth to my daughter Willow in April. I still can't believe my first try at IVF worked and I'm very thankful to the NHS and Liverpool Women's Hospital. She is currently 4 weeks old but I can't help but smile at her constantly as I never thought it would happen.

Katie & Jason