Fertility problems are common in the UK and affect an estimated one in seven couples. Investigations for sub-fertility are available to anyone with a fertility problem, and the NHS Constitution reaffirms the right of patients to be referred for specialist investigation where this is clinically appropriate. This normally means if you've been trying for a baby for at least a year without becoming pregnant.

Regardless of where you live in England, you can choose to be seen at the Hewitt Fertility Centre for an assessment of your infertility as an NHS patient. Waiting times are short, typically less than four weeks, because we know how important it is for patients to establish a diagnosis and consider treatment where appropriate.

We accept referrals directly from your GP into our specialist service, rather than just from Gynaecology Departments in local hospitals, where we appreciate that waiting times for consultation and diagnostic tests can sometimes be frustratingly long.

Eligibility and funding for subsequent treatment as an NHS patient is variable based on where you live and what your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has chosen to fund, and the Hewitt Fertility Centre team will be able to provide advice on this based on your diagnosis, as well as the private treatment options and funding packages available here at the centre if you are not eligible for NHS treatment.

All patients have the right to seek an initial NHS referral into the Hewitt Fertility Centre to receive the benefit of our considerable clinical expertise and holistic support developed over the last thirty years which has made us one of the largest and most successful providers of comprehensive assisted conception services in the UK.

For details on the eligibility and funding offered by each CCG, please click here where you will find your local CCG listed. When visiting your local CCG’s website you should be able to find details of funded fertility treatment criteria by searching for their ‘commissioning policy’.

You can also search online and visit websites such as Fertility Fairness* which will tell you the number of treatments offered by each CCG across the country in an easy to read format.

We understand that this information can sometimes be daunting and difficult to understand so if you would like to get in touch with us to ask us any questions or to explain anything we would be more than happy to do so.


* Please always check your local CCG’s commissioning policy to ensure that information contained on other website sources is up to date and correct.