Our story...

Andrew and I initially began our IVF journey with you in 2015. Andrew had his sperm frozen at the Hewitt Centre 10 years previously due to a blockage that was discovered, preventing him from conceiving naturally.

We qualified for funding on the NHS but due to us not living in Liverpool we were referred to our local hospital. After just one quite distressing visit, we re-visited our GP to ask if it was possible for our funds to be transferred over to the Hewitt Centre in Liverpool so we could have our treatment here. Andrew had visited the Hewitt Centre a number of years previous and couldn't speak highly enough of it. Luckily after taking it to a committee board it was agreed we could undergo our IVF journey at the Hewitt Centre. We think it helped our case that Andrew's sperm was already here.

We assumed there would be a long waiting list so started the ball rolling as soon as we could but were surprised when they told us we were ready to begin after just a few appointments and various blood tests. We had to postpone our treatment as we were getting married but the staff couldn't have been more understanding and just advised us to get back in touch when we were ready.

It was July 2015 when we contacted the Hewitt Centre and after a few updated blood tests we began our treatment in December 2015.

We cannot speak highly enough of each and every one of the members of staff we saw throughout our journey. From the reception staff through to the doctors we were made to feel welcome, relaxed and positive. The moment we stepped through the door there was a calming and peaceful ambience. I honestly felt as though they cared and was hoping our treatment worked for us. Everything was explained to us in detail and we never left an appointment with lack of information.

IVF is a journey of the unknown and feels like a lottery but I can honestly say I could not have felt more calm and open minded about it. This is down to the staff and their approach.

We are extremely blessed that our treatment worked first time and we welcomed our beautiful daughter Phoebe in September 2016.

We really did feel passionate about giving something back as saying thank you just didn't come close and so when we got Phoebe christened we kindly asked for donations to the Hewitt Centre. Taking Phoebe along to meet the staff and hand over our donations was an emotional and surreal day, bringing us back to where our journey began. While sitting in the waiting room holding my beautiful baby girl, I was surrounded by couples who may have been beginning that same journey.

I couldn't have felt more blessed.

There are so many facts and figures published with the latest IVF success rates and like me it can become so easy to get caught up in them. What provides hope is a real story told from the heart which is what I hope mine does. I hope our journey inspires others in theirs.

Charlotte, Andrew and Phoebe.