While our clinics in Knutsford and the Liverpool Women’s Hospital are able to cater for all of the needs of our patients, we work in partnership with other fertility clinics, research centres and funding organisations. We believe that an extensive network of partners not only allows us to ensure that waiting lists are kept low; it also allows us to ensure that all of our staff have access to the very latest information and technologies. Partnerships with financial providers also allow us to offer access to treatment for those who may have otherwise been unable to carry the financial burden that sometimes comes with undergoing fertility treatment.

Below are some of the members of our fertility network:

Fertility Fusion (Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Hospital)

Fertility Fusion provides both NHS and private fertility services. The Unit was made possible by a partnership between Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust and the Hewitt Fertility Centre. Not only was the building funded by both organisations, but the partnership extends into the clinical activity of the unit, which means they have access to the very latest in assisted technology.

They are a satellite IVF unit which means that the majority of their egg recoveries and embryo transfers take place at the Hewitt Fertility Centres (Liverpool or Knutsford).

They offer a comprehensive range of services and can help diagnose both male and female fertility problems, offering treatment options which are tailored to individual needs.


  • Fertility assessments and investigations for both men and women
  • A full range of treatments for fertility problems
  • Lifestyle advice which will improve fertility and chances of conceiving
  • Full counselling service
  • Complementary therapies which can be beneficial, aid relaxation and reduce stress levels – key to boosting fertility
  • The Unit is licensed by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA)


For more details please visit the Fertility Fusion website.

Access Fertility

Sadly, with current changes to Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) guidelines, fewer people have NHS funded access to multiple rounds of IVF/ICSI treatment. This means that an increasing number of people are having to pursue privately funded treatment.

Here at the Hewitt Fertility Centre, we ensure that all of our treatments are competitively priced and ensure that we do whatever we can to ensure that as many people as possible have access to the care that they need. It is for that reason that we recently teamed up with Access Fertility.

With Access Fertility, patients can expect to save almost 40% on treatment costs compared to ‘pay-as-you-go’ IVF treatment options. Those choosing the Access Fertility programmes have peace of mind that they have a plan in place which will also reduce their financial risk.

As well as reduced costs, Access Fertility also offers a refund programme for those who get to the end of their treatment cycle without a successful pregnancy result.

The programme covers up to three cycles of IVF and all frozen embryo transfers. Subject to a medical review, patients under 40 (using their own eggs) are also eligible for the programme. Any patient who is ineligible for the Refund Programme will automatically be offered the Multi-Cycle Programme, which gives patients (using their own eggs) up to two IVF cycles and all frozen embryo transfers requiring no medical review. All patients aged 44 and under can benefit from the Multi-Cycle Programme.

For more information please visit the Access Fertility website.

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