Same sex couples have a wide variety of fertility treatments available to them, all of which can help with achieving their dream of having a family in one way or another.

Some of these include:

  • Sperm donors for female couples

Female same sex couples may not have any fertility issues so will only be in need of donor sperm. Often
this can come from a male friend, but fertility clinics can always offer sperm donor programmes to help
with conception.

  • DI IVF/ICSI for female couples with low fertility

IVF/ICSI, in conjunction with sperm from a donor, can offer women who are part of a same sex couple
the opportunity to achieve a successful pregnancy. In DI IVF/ICSI, eggs will be extracted and fertilisation
will take place within a laboratory incubator before placing an embryo back inside the uterus where it will
hopefully develop into a foetus.

  • Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a popular option for male couples who want to be biologically connected to their children, as well
as for female couples who are unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy on their own. While many people
find a friend or even a family member to carry their child for them as a surrogate, many women make
the noble decision to become surrogates and help strangers to achieve their dreams of having a baby.

  • Donating Sperm

If you are part of a male same sex couple, you are unlikely to be in need of donor sperm but you could
still take the altruistic step to ensure that other couples are able to achieve their own dreams of having a family.

  • Transitioning Individuals

If you are an individual undergoing transition, one thing you may not have considered is the effect such
a process can have on your fertility. The hormone affecting drugs that you will be taking whilst undergoing transition can damage your fertility long term, therefore, many individuals take steps to ensure their fertility is preserved. This can be done via egg or sperm freezing.

A cryopreservation lab can take your sperm or eggs before you transition and hold them safely in specialised freezing vessels for up to 55 years ensuring that you will have the power to choose the time and manner in which you will be building your own family. 

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