If you’re beginning your journey through IVF treatment, you might be wondering what’s in store and how long it will be before you know whether the process has been successful or not.

The length of time it takes to complete a single cycle of IVF can differ slightly from clinic to clinic however, between 6 and 9 weeks is the average length of time between your initial consultation and your final pregnancy test.

The process described below is a ‘long protocol’ and may differ for you as an individual as we tailor your treatment to ensure the best outcome for your individual circumstances:

  • Day 1 - Consultation and initial scan
    You will meet your consultant who will ask questions and perform examinations to ascertain the root of your problem and what treatment might be best suited to you.
  • Day 3 - Consent appointment and drug
    information You will sign the necessary permission forms and get information from your consultant on
    how to administer your fertility drugs.
  • Day 3 to Day 15 - Suppression drug course (this may be a much shorter process for many of you)
    Drugs will be administered to temporarily stop your natural ovulation cycle so that we can control when
    your egg collection will take place.
  • Day 16 to Day 27 - Hormone boosting or ‘stimulation’ course
    This will greatly increase the amount of eggs contained in your ovaries, meaning when your consultant comes to extract them, there will be a greater chance of success.
  • Day 30 -Trigger
    Telling your body to begin to release your eggs down the fallopian tubes.
  • Day 32 - Egg Collection
    Your eggs will be collected from your ovaries.
  • Day 32 to Day 37 – Fertilisation and embryo development
    Your eggs will be taken into our labs where they will be held in an incubator after being fertilised with
    your partner’s sperm or donor sperm.
  • Day 38 – Embryo Transfer
    The fertilised embryo will be placed back inside your uterus, where it will hopefully attach itself to the
    wall and begin to develop into a baby.
  • Day 45 – Pregnancy Test
    Here you will find out whether the procedure has been a success or not.
  • Day 60 - Pregnancy Scan
    If your treatment has been successful, you will return for a scan to assess the health of the baby as it
    develops and grows.

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