Sunday was a really special day.  The Malone family were invited to celebrate 40 years of IVF treatment and 30 years of the Hewitt Centre at the Hilton hotel in Liverpool.

Well, what can I say? It was certainly an event that catered for both children and adults. Everything had been thought of.  There was an incredible ‘fun room’ which contained a huge soft play area, multiple cars and bikes, face painting, candy floss, popcorn and a bouncy castle.  For my two girls, it was like all their dreams come true.

The function room was beautifully laid out with tables centred around a bubble disco.  So while the adults could enjoy a lovely afternoon tea complete with gorgeous cakes and sandwiches, the children were happily catching bubbles on the dancefloor. When they finally exhausted themselves, they joined us for their own food (nuggets and chips, absolute winner).  Once refuelled, it was back to the party room for more climbing, jumping and treats.

From the kids’ perspective, the event was a great celebration and a fabulous party.  For us, we were just in awe of the achievement that is all the life created through years of pioneering research, hours of work and incredible staff.  It was surreal looking around the room at so many faces that would simply not have been here if it wasn’t for the Hewitt Centre.

In the function room, there were two large screens with evolving images of some of the families treated over the years. I won’t lie; my eyes welled up slightly watching them.  Each family had been through their own struggle to get to where they are today, but we all had a fantastic team to help us.  I am sure that I am not the only one who feels forever indebted to the Hewitt Centre and the NHS. 

So thank you for a fabulous party and most of all thank you for starting our family.

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