Mollie McGrane-Ewen, Clinical Embryologist at The Hewitt Fertility Centre, Knutsford has been accepted onto the 4Ward North PhD Fellowship Programme. Only 5 people in the UK have been accepted onto this programme which aims to enhance the quality of clinical academic research training in northern England.

Becoming a 4Ward North PhD fellow is a prestigious marker of esteem for a future career combining research with clinical practice. The programme aims to identify how the duration of in-vitro culture affects the health and pregnancy potential of the human embryo.

Mollie said “Within my specialism of Clinical Embryology, there is currently a real shortage of formal routes to clinical academia. As a result, there is a lack of experienced reproductive scientists who hold both clinical and academic positions. I am excited to complete the 4Ward North PhD fellowship and pave the way to clinical academia for reproductive clinical scientists.”

The programme is based across The Hewitt Fertility Centres, in Liverpool and Knutsford, The University of Manchester and Newcastle University and is supervised by Professor Daniel Brison, Dr Rachel Gregoire, Professor Roger Sturmey, Dr Peter Ruane and Professor Judith Rankin.

Dr Rachel Gregoire, Scientific Director at The Hewitt Fertility Centre said “Mollie has never given up on her dream, her determination and resilience has paid off and we are all so proud of her for achieving the 4Ward North PhD Fellowship. Reproductive scientists have struggled to find routes into clinical academia and we are sure Mollie will pave the way nationally for other reproductive scientists to follow.

 Mollie you deserve this, all of us at The Hewitt Fertility Centre are excited to be part of your research journey, helping our team and others to improve culture techniques, creating healthier embryos for our patients treatment.”

Wishing Mollie the best of look as she embarks on this new journey.

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