Many people will simply assume they should visit their nearest fertility clinic, or the clinic recommended by their GP. However, the freedom to choose is entirely yours and with a little investigation you can ensure that you are choosing the clinic that will give you the very best chance of overcoming your issues.

Things to consider when choosing a fertility treatment provider:

Sadly, NHS coverage for fertility treatment is diminishing. Therefore you should be in full understanding of what costs you may incur for treatment. Be sure to establish the full cost of consultations, scans, drugs, egg transfer and possible freezing for future use before you decide which clinic to pursue your treatment with.

Success rates
Thankfully, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) publish the most up to date success rates from all registered clinics in the UK on their website, Be sure to compare your clinic with that of others in the area to ensure you are making the best choice.

Whilst you will likely be prepared to travel to ensure you are receiving the best care, if you find yourself struggling to choose between two equally reputable clinics, location should be a deciding factor. With multiple visits to your clinic of choice being required, ensuring that you can get to the centre easily will reduce stress, travel costs and time.

Range of procedures offered
You may be thinking that IVF is the best treatment for you. However, fertility treatment can involve a multitude of different procedures and a less invasive, uncomfortable and costly treatment may be all that is needed for you to conceive. When choosing a clinic, try to understand the range of treatments available and not just limit yourself to IVF. ICSI, IUI, DI and Male fertility treatments should also be of consideration.

Counselling and other supplementary services
Treating fertility issues is not just a matter of physical intervention but also mental. The stresses and anxieties that sometimes go along with low fertility and an inability to conceive are also something which you should be keen to address. Ensuring your clinic of choice offers supplementary services such as counselling is very important.

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