Hi, my name is Lauren and I am here to share my experience of egg donation. 

I am going to be donating through the Hewitt Fertility Centre at Liverpool Women’s Hospital. I picked these guys based on a lot of research online, including looking at their success rates and practicality of location for appointments. It was really easy to apply, just a simple contact form on their website, a few weeks wait, and then an informal chat in person to talk through the procedure and to take some blood to check my AMH levels; to see if I am fertile.

Less than a week later, I’ve had the call giving me the green light to go ahead, so I’ve dropped in the paperwork to my GP and have an appointment booked for step one: my consultation. 

I want to share my experience openly and honestly to raise awareness about the process. People need to know what they could do to make the world of difference to a family undergoing IVF.

Through this blog and my twitter; @LB_eggdonation I will take you through the six main steps, as well as my day to day journey with the process. It will involve counselling, medication, and lots of tests, but it will all be worth it. 

There are many reasons to donate, mine began with a close family member going through IVF which inspired me to start my research. I personally don’t want children of my own, but that shouldn't stop me from giving a chance to families who don’t get that choice. 

To follow my journey, and to learn more about egg donation, please follow and share my twitter: @LB_eggdonation, head onto the Hewitt Fertility website, and watch out for more videos. 


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Lauren Picture Lauren -

Hi, my name is Lauren and I am here to share my experience of egg donation. 

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