As a general rule, we all want to keep our stress levels as low as possible. However, what you may be unaware of is that stress can have a direct effect on fertility. Higher stress levels have been shown to affect the hormone linked to ovulation, making conceiving more difficult. Taking steps to improve your sleep, increase exercise, meditation and Yoga can all help with stress busting.

2 – BMI

Firstly, BMI and weight are not the same. For some people weight loss could even be counterproductive in increasing their chances of conceiving. Body Mass Index is calculated based on your age, height and proportions to give an accurate state of your health.

Lowering your BMI, if your BMI number is over 35, will not only make you eligible for NHS funded treatment, but also increase your chances of the treatment being successful.


The likelihood is, upon first visiting your GP with your initial fertility concerns, they will have recommended that you reduce your alcohol intake and, if you are a smoker, encourage you to take measures to quit.

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption is not only damaging to a child in pregnancy, but to both male and female fertility. You may invest thousands of pounds in fertility treatment, when putting out the cigarette and cutting back on the gin and tonics - coupled with exercise and a healthy diet - may be all that was needed.


Eligibility for NHS funded treatment will depend on your individual circumstances against set criteria. You should speak to your GP about this or contact The Hewitt Fertility Centre direct. Sadly, for those who are not eligible for NHS funded treatment, the cost of fertility treatment can be a barrier. However, with finance and refund packages available through many clinics and finance partners, there are always options available whatever your budget. When
preparing to undergo fertility treatment, it is sensible to understand all of the costs you will incur beforehand so that you can plan your finances in advance. This will not only ensure that you are able to access fertility treatment for a reasonable price, but will also remove any of the anxieties and worries that might accompany hidden charges and surprise costs for treatment.


When most people think of fertility treatment, they think IVF. Whilst this is the most common fertility treatment, for many people it is not necessary. Less invasive and time consuming treatments such as DI or IUI can offer successful results far more conveniently, cheaply and less stressfully. Make sure you research the different types
of fertility treatments so that, when meeting your consultant, you can gain a greater understanding of what might offer you the best opportunity for success.

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