Joining the register and implications of the donor linking process

To join the register please contact us and we will ask you to complete a registration form. Once you have done so and it is has all been checked we will ask you to arrange an online meeting with ourselves to verify your identity.

At this point, we will process your application and you can choose to access our service as and when you require, at your own time and pace.

If you are considering pursuing donor linking via DNA testing it is helpful to consider the following in advance.

  • Starting the donor linking process

    If you decide to go ahead with DNA testing in the hope of making contact with a donor, offspring or donor-conceived half sibling, you’re likely to go through many different emotions: anxiety, curiosity and excitement may all play a part.

    Your feelings may change and perhaps become more intense after you have received the outcome of your DNA testing and it is important to bear in mind the implications of not finding, as well as finding, a link.

    We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our confidential counselling service (2 sessions are free and costed at £25 thereafter) which gives you the chance to talk things through in a way, and at a time, to suit you. This service is available at any time during your process.

    You may wish to discuss what it is you wish to achieve from the process and whether it is a good time for you to start the process. It is helpful to discuss the implications for yourself and those close to you.

  • Results finding ‘No link’
  • Results finding a ‘link’
  • Contacting a 'link'

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone 0151 702 4339 or by email